Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard 16-Core OEM, 1.4 GHz, 512 MB Memory – P73-08328

AED 3,279.00

Processor : 1.4 GHz
Memory : 512 MB
Connectivity : Ethernet adapter (1 gigabit per second throughput)

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AED 3,279.00

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Required Processor 1.4 GHz 64-bit
Required Memory 512 MB
Required connectivity An Ethernet adapter capable of at least 1 gigabit per second throughput

Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard 16-Core OEM – P73-08328

The official release of Windows Server 2022 is the Long-term Servicing Channel version, which includes five years of circulation and subsequent five years of extended support. Upgraded from Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022 is integrated with multi-layered security features. Windows Server 2022 has Azure hybrid capabilities, providing a flexible environment for application modernization.In the context of technology development, information security becomes a paramount issue for businesses. Security threats and the impact of incident escalations are increasing day by day. Windows Server 2022 operating system was launched to become the best solution for users in information security protection, focusing on strengthening the safety of many layers, core parts, and other types of connections.
Windows Server 2022 Standard is the new leading server operating system, and it has several unique features that will make your business thrive. Not only does Windows Server 2022 offer fast performance as a reliable workhorse for all types of businesses, but also offers specific benefits to industries, too.

What’s new in Windows Server 2022?

Built on the strong base of Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022 ushers many fresh features on three key themes: security, application platform, and Azure hybrid integration and management.

Windows Server 2022 – A Business Oriented Software Solution

Today, servers need comprehensive protection, and advanced multi-layer security in Windows Server 2022 provides the same. The new security capabilities of Windows Server 2022 provide defense-in-depth protection against advanced threats by combining other security capabilities in Windows Server through multiple areas.

Application Platform
Windows Server 2022 introduces various platform improvements for Windows Containers, like Windows Containers’ experience with Kubernetes and application compatibility. One of its major improvements includes bringing down the Windows Container image size by up to 40%, resulting in up to 30% faster startup time and better performance.

Windows Server 2022 enhances Storage Migration Services, making it easier to migrate the storage to Azure or Windows Server from more source locations. Another new feature in this version is – User adjustable storage repair speed that offers more control over the data resync process.


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